Nov 23, 2009

Tomorrow, I begin anew.

It's been about a month since I attended post-traumatic stress debriefing, and just about as long since I've been getting on my feet. I managed to get out of my funk last week thanks to the pressing deadline that UP had for late registration, and beginning tomorrow I'll be back in UP for my first day of classes. While I certainly hope that I'll be able to register tomorrow, what I worry about more is the fact that while psychologically speaking I'm on the way back to normalcy, the state of my political and social paradigm is another thing altogether. Since the events of Ondoy and Pepeng, I've felt nothing but unbridled hatred for any and all politicians who promise to bring about change while being hypocrites in their own way. Noynoy - what about Luisita? Fernando - the street merchants and the urban poor? Villar - the landless ethnic minorities? Bro. Eddie and JC de los Reyes - your constituents and your stands on RH? Erap - graft and corruption during your term? Teodoro - your lack of commitment towards transparency and accountability in government? And Perlas - the unorthodoxy of your economic and social development ideas?

As of now, this is just a rant. But given how things are going in the blogosphere, people will have to think about these same issues in the run-up to the 2010 elections. More importantly, while we are giving so much focus to the national candidates, what about our local candidates? There are some candidates who have shameless posted promiscuous adverts already, and yet we've not reacted with as much as a batting of an eyelash towards them.

If this is the way that we think and act, what will we come to expect in 2010 and beyond?

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