Sep 4, 2006

Losing and Gaining

I'm still shocked at how poor my academic performance this term was, especially since I actually thought that this term would be the easiest of the four (hell, third term was a lot easier than this one). Based on my eval, I'd have to say that I definitely bit to o much academic and co-academic workload and was forced to spit out the academic things (hey, I'd rather be changing the world in the field than in the classroom learning safe sex practices =) ). Thus, if ever I still have the privileges of unlimited cuts and absences, I will make it a point to focus more on the difficult subjects this term (i.e. FLOATING SUBJECTS) and actually finish all of my extra-curricular projects (e.g. TL sessions, Ecocamp screenings and trainings, volunteer educators program).

Oh well... I haven't checked my grades yet, though, so there's no way of finding out. In the meanwhile, the news that some of my friends are leaving (in one way or another) is still affecting me... Ate Jana, Beibea, and Toni are each going their own ways after affecting my life in some way or another. Though I know that they will be happier than they are now in some way or another, I still can't shake off the feeling that their departure will leave some sort of hole in my being. These people are some of the few who have definitely shaped my existence and thoughts of what being a La Sallian truly is (except for the blue-blooded Jana =) ). To you guys, if you ever get to read this sometime soon, thank you for everything.

AGENDA FOR T2 2006-2007
1. Organize Ecocamp (assemble and screen applicants, prepare materials, train accepted candidates)
2. Establish SAVE pilot program and organization
3. Finish TL Study
4. Participate in voter education movement
5. Save my acads =(
6. Test some wicked drinks =)

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