Sep 8, 2006

18 and (Un)free

Happy birthday to me. Sweet 18. Yes, this number marks the beginning of the moment in time that one can get abducted, tortured or otherwise captured by the military for looking suspiciously like rebels. (See protest photo here, after groups got sick of waiting a little more han two months for the resurfacing of two Peyups students and a farmer) Eighteen also marks the age that I can legally drink, smoke, and have PMS (oh wait, I DON'T have to be legal to do that, at the Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study shows, even kiddies engage in the abovementioned activities. Yipes. Oh wait, I've also become legally entitled to access pornography and sexual content. Hold it, I don't even need to look 18 to do that. The internet gives more than enough power to do that, as long as you look hard enough. Oh well... at least I have some older role models to look up to... like the pekeng pangulo... Death Screamers... Uneducated Losers Asking for Pain... oh wait... scratch that...

But then again, it's at 18 that I think I can generate the greatest and most significant changes. Hey, I'm a legal voter already, mon! I just need to register, choose my candidates and urge for right choice. Ok... that also means that I need to guard my votes and the votes of my fellow young voters. Also, it's at 18 that I can start up my own organization for volunteer educators and register it properly. Finally, an impending solution for the crisis of the youth in education. At 18, I can finally express the need of me and my fellow citizens through our local officials, and at the same time hold them liable for the things that aren't done. It's at 18 that I decide once and for all not to be simply a statistic of the state. I finally have the power to break the vicious cycle of hopelessness and apathy. I can finally fight inequity. And it all starts at 18.

On a related note, beginning next week, this blog will officially have a new banner in conjunction with the change of content that you will observe in here. Beginning then, expect stinging critiques, spicy updates on past issues and renewed focus on current crises. Oh yeah, don't expect that many updates. I'm not that spontaneous a writer to begin with.

Can't wait to be legally called a "destabilizer", "communist" or "rebel". And land in some mangy, inhuman jail cell.

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