Jun 27, 2006

New Grounds

Yesterday's interview went well... a single question that asked for my reflection on the Batasan Nat'l experience... if I had felt less civil at that moment, I might be finding myself in jail at this very moment on the charge of "Inciting to Sedition" and "Rebellion", whatever that means by Gloriaettagate standards, for citing the government's incompetence and plain stupidity at releasing P1 billion to pay for war expenses and another P1 billion to "eliminate" corruption. What in hell is the government doing, paying for generals' allowances and incentives and at the same time bribing government workers and officials to stop bribing the people (using the people's money, at that), while cutting the funds of the nation's educational system leaving it to a compassionate senator to restore the department's funds? If Gloria is so good at "dagdag-bawas" as the political huzzah is showing, then why can't GMA "dagdag" the education department's treasury, while giving the "bawas" (i.e. pink slip) to the most idiotic officials of the government whose inteligence only comes as a glimmer of despair every time they siphon the funds out of the national bursary?

Gloria, if you can't fix anything that you promised to the last time God told you to run, then by golly I hope that if there really was a God that the entity would strike you down as a liar and a cheater, and send your rotting carcass around the Philippines so that the people you stole lives from can shit on you till kingdom come.

Otherwise, we'll just do the honors.



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