Jun 7, 2006

If the Philippines had Nukes...

So what if Iran has the ability to purify and enrich uranium into near-weapon grade uranium? The US really has no reason to worry, since the Iranians might not really be creative enough to use those missiles against anybody. NOW, if a Filipino had a nuclear missile, then THAT is a situation. To illustrate that, I guess I might be able to draw a nice list of possible uses, including the following:

1. Shoot an annoying mother-in-law
2. Shoot down a snatcher in Quiapo
3. Detonate it in the house of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend (according to Roman)
4. Feed it to Gloria! (wahoo!)
5. Make money out of it by selling it to the Abu Sayyaf/MILF/MNLF/Opposition
6. Blow up the Maldives (again, according to Roman)
7. Threaten professors to give nice 4.0s or face nuclear oblivion
8. Trigger a massive earthquake by detonating it in a fault line (Mythbusters, try proving THIS!)
9. Pay a debtor an interesting visit
10. Others... (dagdag na lang next time)

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