Mar 28, 2010

A Tale of Three Students

(Writer's note: This is my piece for Kabataan's Blog Action Day for quality and accessible education. For more information on Kabataan partylist, please visit

Feb 21, 2010

Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival

The Filipino Freethinkers, a group of Filipino atheists, agnostics and skeptics (among other denominations) is sponsoring the very first Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival with the theme of "Challenges Religion, Celebrates Reason". This will be held on February 27, 2010 from 1-8 PM at the Cine Adarna (UP Film Institute).

Feb 20, 2010

Back Up and Running

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. Personal issues hindered my blogging schedule for the past month or so. Regular posting to resume shortly.

Feb 16, 2010

Pambansa-Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) is Back Online

Blogger Tonyo Cruz of reports ( that the Pambansa-Democratikong Paaralan (National-Democratic School) is back online at

PADEPA Digital provides activists who consider taking a National Democratic slant a very good resource for educational documents and learning aids (including several hard-to-find works on the historical and contemporary Philippine NatDem movement), a structured curriculum and training guides, and audio-visual multimedia supplements.

The site itself is in Filipino, but a notice on the site hints of English translations to be released in the future.

Jan 2, 2010

The League of Filipino Students 2010 (Political) Wishlist

On new year's eve Terry Ridon (currently the Secretary-General of the League of Filipino Students) posted on his Twitter page his take on the classic wishlist, echoing the sentiments of both the organization and many Filipinos here and abroad.
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Ten: Abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Nine: Legally Binding Carbon Emissions Reduction post-Kyoto for Developed Countries
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Eight: Victory for Kabataan Partylist, Satur Ocampo ang Liza Maza in the 2010 Elections
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Seven: Actual Holding of 2010 Elections without GMA Forever Scenarios
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Six: Moratorium on Tuition Increases
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Five: Junking of the Oil Deregulation Law
  • LFS Political Wishlish Top Four: P125 Across the Board Wage Increase and Genuine Land Reform
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Three: More LFS members, more student leaders in pursuit of the national democratic struggle.
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top Two: Prosecution for Plunder and Other Political Crimes of GMA post-June 2010.
  • LFS Political Wishlist Top One: A Philippines free of GMA and cohorts, a reversal of all anti-people policies in the last nine years.